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In recent years, the shisha industry has exploded with new products and accessories – in fact, the rapidly evolving landscape is making it difficult for even the keenest shisha enthusiasts to keep up. One product that has seen tremendous growth is arguably the most important part of your shisha, and that is the bowl.

So lets talk bowls! Or heads? Whatever you choose to call it, this part of your hookah is where the action starts – after all, its where the flavour goes. Hookah bowls come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, depths and colours so choosing the right one that works for you could make a huge difference in your smoke session. It goes without saying then, that a little research can go a long way.

Hookah bowls have come a long way over the years with unique designs and new features, but many users still opt for a traditional Egyptian clay bowl. These bowls come glazed or unglazed and vary greatly in depth and size. The optimal depth to go with really depends on how much tobacco/flavour you want to use when packing your bowl; to pack in more flavour, go with a deeper bowl. You’ve probably seen these bowls used in most shisha lounges so its no surprise that these are on the cheaper end in terms of price. One downside of using this type of bowl though is that the holes can get clogged with juicier flavours.

A similar alternative is the ceramic bowl which also comes glazed or unglazed. These bowls, however, tend to break easily and don’t retain heat that well.

Innovations in hookah bowl designs have led to the creation of various other bowl designs, two of which are the vortex and phunnel bowls. The vortex bowl differs from the traditional clay bowl as holes are spread around a raised central spire whereas the phunnel bowl has one centre hole as opposed to multiple small holes. The phunnel bowl in particular, has become an extremely popular choice among shisha enthusiasts as it retains the juices from your flavour quite well and minimizes leakage into the stem. Again, phunnel bowls are typically made of clay though silicone, metal and hybrid options are quickly becoming top contenders among avid users. The great thing about silicone bowls is that they are easy to handle and easy to clean and best of all, no grommet required! Phunnel bowls may also have a lip around the top which allows you to use a Heat Management Device (HMD) with your shisha. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about HMDs!

Last but not least is a fruit head. This is not a head you would typically use on a regular basis but a fun option to explore on special occasions or if you are out at your local lounge. Fruit heads add a delicious fruity flavour and keep your flavour moist allowing for a longer smoke session.

So there you have it! Now, its time for you to find the perfect head for your shisha. Remember to consider material, design, features, and colour. Compare that against your own preferences for flavour and the overall look and feel you are going for with your shisha and you are sure to find a bowl that works for you.

Visit the bowls section of our website an let us know which bowl/design is your favourite.

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