Heat Management Devices: Why you should try them!

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We hope you are enjoying your experience with shisha so far. As you get more comfortable with setting up and lighting the shisha, you may want to experiment with some cool accessories like a Heat Management Device (HMD for short). Now, what is an HMD you ask? Well, simply put: an HMD allows you to manage the amount of heat that gets transferred from your charcoals to your flavor. Depending on the type of HMD, this handy accessory can not only eliminate the need for foil but may also help to contain the charcoals and ashes which means: you guessed it, easy clean up!

So why invest in an HMD?

  1. With the traditional foil and poked holes, flavor that sits in the bowl directly beneath your coals tends to burn first and you may end up with hot spots or spots of burnt flavor. With an HMD, the flat base evenly distributes the heat generated from the charcoals over the entire bowl; so forget about having to constantly move those charcoals around!
  2. Most HMDs come with lids that have built-in air vents. This lets you control the airflow to the charcoals throughout the session, which in turn allows for varying flavor intensity and cloud size.
  3. Covered coals also lend to longer smoke sessions. Hey, more control and a longer sesh? Sign me up!

Some things to keep in mind:

Most HMDs require a bowl with a lip to hold the device securely in place and some HMDs may perform better with a very specific bowl – often made by the same company.

Certain HMDs can be used together with the traditional poked foil. This is done to increase the distance between your coals and the foil to prevent the flavor from burning too quickly – like a flavor saver.

With the growing popularity of HMDs, there are so many to choose from ranging from basic models to high-end ones with many unique features. Be sure to read product descriptions and reviews first and of course, ask us any questions and we would be happy to guide you!

Check out the accessories section of our website to find some of the top brands on the market including the Shishabucks Stratus, the Kaloud 2, the Starbuzz NAR, the Apple on Top Provost, the Oduman Ignis, the MOB crown, and the list goes on and on!

Long story short, have fun with your shisha! Play around with accessories and try out an HMD! Let us know how it goes; we’d love to hear from you.

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