Quick Light Vs. Natural Charcoals: Which way to go?

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So you’ve invested in an awesome new shisha and it’s now time to light up those charcoals – but wait! What charcoals to use? As you may already know, you have two options: natural charcoals or quick light charcoals. Both kinds have their pros and cons so lets jump right into the nitty gritty.

Quick light charcoals or magic charcoals are widely used for their convenience. They light up quickly (hence the name) using just a regular lighter. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor smoke sessions or when you are smoking on the go like in your car or on vacation. Many shisha lounges opt to use quick light coals for this very reason and its no surprise that many beginner shisha users also start with quick light charcoals. With that being said, convenience and ease of use often come with drawbacks. Quick light charcoals contain chemicals, which give off a distinctive odor. Most users can smell this as soon as the coals ignite and some users can even taste that chemical flavor while smoking. Finally, with quick light charcoals being “quick” they don’t last very long – usually around thirty minutes. Hey, what did you expect? Longer smoke sessions will require more coals.

Now on to the natural charcoals. The name says it all – natural charcoals don’t contain any harmful chemicals as these coals are often derived from coconuts. With no chemicals, you don’t need to worry about any odor or altered taste. This also makes natural charcoals a more environmentally friendly option so you can feel good about that! Something to note however is that natural charcoals take longer to light up. As the saying goes: “good things take time”. Most coconut charcoals take about six to eight minutes to ignite. These charcoals also need to be lit using a stove or charcoal burner so unless you have access to either of those, you may be limited to the quick lights. Once the natural charcoals have ignited though, its smooth sailing from there! These charcoals retain and produce more heat, which allows for longer and smoother smoke sessions.

So there you have it! The verdict: natural charcoals are the way to go but of course, when you find yourself in a time crunch with just a lighter on hand, having a roll of quick light charcoals is always a good idea.

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Light it up! And enjoy your next smoke session.

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